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The film changes some plot details but stays true to the spirit of the book. Find Shiloh at your local library. The first book of this humorous full-color graphic novel series describes the misadventures of the three Bone cousins as they explore a forested valley populated with frightening creatures. As the plot unfolds, the Bones meet strange characters and forces of evil.

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Find Bone 1: Out From Boneville at your local library. As he attempts to hide his fear, he covers every possible surface with brilliant golden dragons. He is the secret force in nature. How do you protect yourself from a sisiutl? Read this book to be safe! Based on monster folklore around the world, it shares a gruesomeness rating, description and survival tip for encounters with 63 monsters. Short passages will hook readers.

This story of babies switched at birth is complete with midwives, wizards, witches, spells and mischief. It is a fun read full of imagination and intrigue. Urchin, a foundling, was found on the shore of Mistmantle Island. This story teaches valuable lessons about appearances and relationships in a non-preachy manner, and even young readers can identify with Jane, recognizing before Pyg does that true beauty comes from the inside. Find The Trouble With Wishes at your local library. The author provides personality and humor for each of the characters as they plead their case to the readers.

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Alternately funny, spooky, thought-provoking and magical, this is a vividly illustrated and accessible collection of Mexican folktales. Find Walter, the Story of a Rat at your local library. The storytelling cadence is just right; the characters are a colorful mix of guile and gumption; and the lessons vary from laugh-out-loud funny to touching. Find Porch Lies at your local library. David Schwartz offers the perfect read-aloud for the child who has difficulty conceptualizing a million.

Walt Disney Animation Collection: Classic Short Films - the Tortoise and the Hare

This book will surely tickle your funny bone. Find How Much Is a Million? Jon Scieszka, a former teacher and a popular author for boys, presents a hilarious read for anyone who suffers from a math phobia. Would your heart start to race?

Spend the day with a girl who wakes up one morning to find that every event in her life has been reduced to some sort of math problem. Have fun solving the problems she encounters, and see if you agree that she has been cursed! Find Math Curse at your local library. A prize-winning story of the biggest slave auction in history. Parents need to know that the way slaves are treated is disturbing — they are beaten into unconsciousness, treated like animals with no feelings and separated from their families. Readers will encounter the whipping of slaves, a forced fight in which a slave loses an eye, the death of a baby in a rainstorm and a suicide.

Families who read this book could discuss the historical background of the American slave system. How could people who considered themselves to be good, decent people have treated others in this way? How could the slaves endure it? How could Sampson, a slave, come to identify so strongly with being a slave that he resisted freedom? This story is a short, powerful example of historical fiction. Readers see the experiences of a wealthy white family and an immigrant Chinese family at the time of the San Francisco earthquake.

This delightful, inspiring musical teaches us there's more to the story than the amazing race

A subplot describes discrimination that is experienced and overcome. Find The Earth Dragon Awakes at your local library. Find Homesick at your local library.

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Lippincott, 96 pages. A daughter of Korean immigrants, Linda grew up outside of Chicago as an avid baseball fan. Being a Brooklyn Dodgers fan in the early s meant season after season of dashed hopes, but main character Maggie goes on rooting for the Dodgers. Against a background of major league baseball and the Korean War on the home front, Maggie looks for, and finds, a way to make a difference.

Find Keeping Score at your local library. The Monroe family is visited by the famous author of the FleshCrawlers books. When the author and his crow show an unusual interest in Bunnicula, the Monroe pets are sure that their favorite rabbit is in danger. Lizzie, the eldest, is 13, Dan is 10, and Max is 7. When their only neighbors, the ancient Potwards, complain and ruin her birthday party, Lizzie decides to become a witch and cast a spell on them.

With coincidences piling up on top of spells, Lizzie begins to believe in her own power, Dan becomes uneasy and Max is absolutely positive that Lizzie can work magic and that magic runs in the family. This book is a wonderful combination — ludicrously funny and touching. Find Circle of Doom at your local library. Parents will also be thrilled to know that despite the fact that the book is written in less-formal journal style with fun cartoons, everything is spelled correctly i.

Find Diary of a Wimpy Kid at your local library. This book has sibling rivalry, one wild party and some scheming to cheat on tests and get out of chores. The great thing is, like most middle school kids, the characters get caught and are punished. Families can talk about lying and friendship.

How would you feel if your friends treated you like Greg did Chirag? Have you ever done something in school that made other people feel bad, but made you feel cool and popular? The Blossoms are not an ordinary family. With a mother who is a rodeo trick rider, a grandfather who innocently manages to scare the local citizenry and get himself arrested, and a dog who wears a red bandana — not to mention a boy who thinks he can fly — it is not surprising that the Blossoms attract misadventures.

An Awkward Moment for the Russian Art Market

The hook: On the 30th floor of the wacky Wayside School is Mrs. Sharie falls asleep and rolls out the window. Joe counts all wrong and gets the right answer. Calvin is sent to the 19th floor to deliver a note, but there is no 19th floor — the builder forgot it.

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This nutty world is built on the sort of playful twists of logic that kids love. Ten-year-old Alonzo King is an expert about monster movies. He spends hours with Scotch tape and makeup trying to master his beloved monster faces in the mirror. When a mysterious beast is rumored to be stomping on flower beds and scratching up cars, Alonzo is called on for his monster expertise.

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Find Boy of a Thousand Faces at your local library. The concept of twins and the mystery of a prankster draw students into the story plot. The story is told by a young boy who is endearingly naive and who understands less than the reader about what is really going on. He is missing a parent and doing the best he can with his limited understanding to make things better for everyone.

105 Best Books to Read Before They Turn 12

And his well-meaning but clueless actions change not only his family, but his town. Dylan lives with his sisters and parents, and is the only boy in a small, rainy town in Wales. They run a small garage, the Snowdonia Oasis Auto Marvel, on the brink of insolvency. Dylan is obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as is Tom, the man who tried to rob them and whom they hire instead.

Then a series of seemingly unrelated events starts to change things in their lives and community. Find Framed at your local library. The year is Jake Bannock and his father Sam are on the run and hiding out in Blowfly, Nevada. Find Jim Ugly at your local library. Liza and her mother are seeking refuge in Gumbo Limbo, a lush hammock of trees in the Florida Everglades. Also in residence is Dajun the alligator, caretaker of this precious ecosystem.

When Dajun is seen as a threat to the nearby condos in development, he is ordered killed and Liza becomes determined to keep him safe at any cost. Bullying, blackmail, and tongue-in-cheek humor run rampant at Emerson Hickey Elementary in this 10th installment of these private-eye mysteries.