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November 25, 2006
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Combat stress is similar to the muscle fatigue and soreness experienced after a tough physical workout. Combat stress is not an illness and may be experienced by active duty personnel during both peace and war, due to stressful conditions during training, deployment, humanitarian missions, government support missions and other assignments. All active duty personnel are at risk for stress injuries, no matter how strong, seasoned or experienced. Everyone has a breaking point, and for everyone, that breaking point changes over time due to many internal and external factors, including:.

Signs and symptoms of combat stress may be harder to detect. Common symptoms of combat stress can include:. All active duty personnel possess traits and abilities that make them resilient to the potentially damaging effects of combat and operational stress. All leaders are responsible for promoting resiliency in their units. Resiliency factors include:. The Marine Corps views combat operational stress along a continuum. Doe Congress: Ingram and Mintzer , p. The lower Congressional activity count cited in my "government" essay is based on Balco's simple computer word search. Weber ; the classic work is Linville and Fisher See also Hansen et al.

Sarewitz and Pielke , pp. Burdick McKibben , quotes p. Ungar , pp. Trumbo Chambers and Brain The authors point out that this may partly reflect a greater likelihood of putting terms like "climate change" in the titles of papers that dealt with narrow problems. Wilkins and Patterson , pp.

Trumbo , pp. BACK a. McCright et al. McGourty Budyko spoke even more strongly about the benefits in my interview with him, AIP, and I have heard other informed Russians say global warming would be a good thing for their country. On Singer see, e. See his Science and Environmental Policy Project site.

Older scientists: Lahsen ; "distaste:" Royte See this site's solar essay. Seitz et al. On Seitz, Singer, et al. Union of Concerned Scientists ; Edwards , pp. For sponsors of "denial" propaganda in general see Monbiot , ch. Gelbspan , esp. Hansen and Lacis See, e. Lichter ; Wilkins ; also Anderson Here and below I also use my own observations of popular media, publicity by private groups, and scientific publications and meetings. The New York Times put the news on p. Stevens in the New York Times , Sept. The less dramatic final negotiated statement "the balance of evidence suggests that there is a discernible human impact" was more widely noted than the scientific report, which said, "the observed warming trend is unlikely to be completely natural in origin," IPCC a , p.

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See Edwards and Schneider ; Masood ; Stevens , ch. See Dunlap and McCright Study of papers: Oreskes Admission: e.

Encyclopedia Of Haunted Places - Ghostly Locales From Around The World by John John Ereno - Issuu

The admission that warming will come is implicit in the book, but he said it explicitly in a throwaway remark in a physics dept. Prominent critic: Michaels and Balling Nature Union of Concerned Scientists , p. Shortly after publication of the UCS study, ExxonMobil, now under a new CEO, announced it had cut its ties with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a linchpin of the publicity and lobbying, and in the corporation cut off other institutions including the Marshall Institute and the Institute for Energy Research.

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However, ExxonMobil continued to generously fund right-wing organizations that included doubts about global warming in their portfolio. See Coll Funding: Farrell ; Brulle According to one weather report producer, angry responses from viewers who doubted the risk from global warming made him "hesitant to do more on the air. We hate to run things that turn off viewers. Weathercasters: Wilson , Homans By most U. For details of the episodic coverage, see Boykoff , pp. Ice: e. Thompson later produced evidence that Kilimanjaro's icecap was indeed melting in an unprecedented way, Thompson et al.

Glacier National Park, rapidly losing its characteristic feature, served as another, indisputably accurate icon. In a world survey, "For the period from to , of the glaciers retreated:" Oerlemans See Boykoff , pp. The Google book archive shows very little use of the terms "global warming" and "climate change" in books until the mid s "climatic change" does appear, pretty steadily, through the entire 20th century.

Starting around there is a steady climb of both terms, continuing into the 21st century, with "climate change" more common than "global warming" increasingly from onward.

Memorandum ca. Lee in the New York Times , March 2, , online here. See e. Editorial pages: Wilkins , p. Gelbspan , p. I do not mean to use the term "denier" pejoratively — it has been accepted by some of the group as a self-description — but simply to designate those who deny any likelihood of future danger from anthropogenic global warming. See also Mooney , pp. Paul D. Thacker, "Climate skeptics in Europe?

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I heard some of these stories on visits to Alaska. Also, e.

Sailing True North and the Voyage of Character

One news magazine gave a cover story, Shute , but others like the New York Times put it in back pages. The impact was blunted partly because some conclusions had been leaked piecemeal in advance. This particular version one of many of the quote is from the Desert Research Institute Newsletter, Spring The earliest I've noticed was, "far from being self-stabilizing, the Earth's climate system is an ornery beast which overreacts even to small nudges," Broecker a.

National Academy of Sciences , p. Eldridge Moores in McPhee , p. For the media in this period see Boykoff and Boykoff Scolded: e. McKibben Much work on "cognitive dissonance" theory provides evidence for this mental mechanism.

Shortparis, Zahir + Beebilõust: Day one music

For more recent references and results on visual and verbal imagery see O'Neill et al. BACK b. You can get some recent information by using a search engine to locate news reports. For analysis, see Kempton ; Bostrom et al.


Rudig; also Bord et al. There are many other polls from this period, see pollingreport. Weart , esp. Immerwahr ; summary in Showstock ; here I also draw upon Thompson and Rayner , pp. Swiss: Stoll-Kleeman et al. For similar results from an excellent and deep Norwegian study see Norgaard Wolf and Moser review focus group studies.

See also Lynas , pp. On the "lack of ready-made metaphors in the popular culture:" Ungar , p. For nuclear productions see Weart Examples of science fiction based on devastating climate change are Ready , well-meaning but scarcely noticed; Turner , a story of civilization collapsing under the pressures of war and economic forces as well as global warming noted fairly widely for its literary quality ; and, by two of the field's major authors, Silverberg little noted , emphasizing the greed, stupidity and ambitions that were bringing vast destruction through ozone as well as global warming, and Sterling , where colossal storms mingle with stormy political conspiracy.

The future climate change in Ballard was spectacular but not specifically anthropogenic. The Hugo-award-winning Robinson included disastrous global warming but only in the background. Glass , a thriller based on global warming, had sales far below the warming-denial thriller Crichton Global warming was one of the background problems related to overpopulation in the pioneering environmentalist film Soylent Green The polar ice caps melted to set the scene for a highly touted and financially disappointing action movie, "Waterworld" , directed by Kevin Reynolds.

Boyle Atwood , start of ch. A survey found some 60 cli-fi films, including major theatrical releases, smaller festival films, and made-for-TVmovies: Svoboda For Rockman see, e. Yannick Monget painted Paris and other cities ruined by climate change, see Grousson and Monget I review the "last man" and "ruined cities" themes in Weart , pp.

The masterpiece of the genre is Max Ernst's superb "Europa nach dem Regen" "Europe after the Rains," , which uses the titular climate change as a metaphor for the destructive forces of war and politics. On authors' difficulties see Ghosh Robinson was the first volume of a trilogy; the second volume, Robinson , featured a sudden freeze in Washington, DC. Its receipts put it among the top all-time U. Anthony Lane, the New Yorker movie critic, wrote June 7, , p. Germans surveyed, unlike Americans, grew more skeptical about climate change after seeing the movie, perhaps because it violated what they already understood fairly well, but they became more concerned about the risk of abrupt climate change, Reusswig et al.