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What can we expect from you guys? Rise up, the new single is tearing up YouTube right now. Tell us about your dreams and goals?

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We feel very fortunate to be living that dream. I think our next stop on on the dream path is hitting more people. We want to take our message and our songs to as many people as we possibly can, that includes Europe, South America and places all over the world. The more we can connect with fans the more we are living our dream. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Exclusive interview with Jonny Hetherington, lead singer from Art of Dying - AZARIA MAGAZINE

Those bands really brought something to their music that was extremely special to me. I grew up in Alberta with my mom and dad both being united church ministers, so that was an interesting way to be introduced to the world and I think a lot of the hopefulness in our lyrics come from my upbringing. Who writes the songs and are there perhaps stories about life and past experiences? The songs are a product of the 4 of us and each one comes from a very different place. Describe to us your shows, visually and musically. Our shows are extremely high energy and organic.

We love to get lost in the moment. What inspires you to do what you do?

The inspiration comes from within. Sometimes those can be the best shows. Tell us about your next show and why we should be there? Our next show is May 16 in Pittsburgh, PN. Art of Dying official website. Thel's parents are both alive but apparently live several hundred miles away in a rural area. Strips in the past have mentioned them living in Iowa, but one strip mentioned Florida. The family occasionally visits them for vacation. The family pets are two dogs—a Labrador named Barfy and a shaggy-haired mutt named Sam, a stray the children brought home on January 26, —and an orange tabby cat named Kittycat.

The Family Circus takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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They often visit a popular ice cream parlor named the Sugar Bowl based on the actual same-named restaurant which features many strips signed by Keane , and Jeffy once went to St. Joseph's Hospital for a tonsillectomy. Thel was seen playing tennis with a racket marked "Scottsdale Racket", and Bil mentioned moving up to B class at Scottsdale Racket Club in a strip. Also, a sign for Paradise Valley , where Bil Keane lived the latter part of his life, is seen in one strip. Sometimes the family is depicted enjoying snow at their home in the strip, whereas Scottsdale gets very little snow in the winter.

Bil Keane commented that he took scenes from his boyhood in Pennsylvania , such as snow, and added them to the strip. One distinguishing characteristic of the Family Circus is the frequent use of Christian imagery and themes, ranging from generic references to God to Jeffy daydreaming about Jesus at the grocery store. Keane states that the religious content reflects his own upbringing and family traditions.

William Parish in Philadelphia. One of the best-known features of Keane's work is the dotted line comics, showing the characters' paths through the neighborhood or house with a thick dotted line. The earliest appearance of the dotted line was on April 8, an un-dotted path had first appeared on February In an interview, Jeff Keane, who now produces the strip, described how he creates the line: by drawing one continuous black line and then breaking it into segments with white. In April , Keane introduced an invisible gremlin named "Not Me", who watches while the children try to shift blame for a misdeed by saying, "Not me.

Cause" were introduced in later years.

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Although it is clear that the parents do not accept the existence of the gremlins, they did include them as members of the family, perhaps tongue-in-cheek , when being interviewed by a member of the U. Census Bureau. Another time when Thel was sick of hearing about the gremlins from the kids "Who's been rummaging in Gramma's purse?

One theme Keane tried from time to time was picturing the children as adults, or what might come of it. One time when Billy had been asked by Thelma not to leave the house until he finished his homework, she told him, "One day when you are grown up you will thank me for this! Other adult ideas included the parents telling Jeffy not to be shy when they invited friends over, and then he is pictured 25 years later as an outgoing late night talk show host akin to Jay Leno. Another example was P. For the first 25 years, the family car was a station wagon, first based on Keane's own Buick.

Iaccoca is back there.


The daily strip consists of a single captioned panel with a round border. The panel is occasionally split in two halves.

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One unusual practice in the series is the occasional use of both speech balloons within the picture and captions outside the circle. The daily strip does not generally follow a weekly story arc , with the exception of family vacations.

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The format of the Sunday strip varies considerably from week to week, though there are several well-known recurring themes. One recurring theme is a single picture surrounded by multiple speech balloons, representing the children's response to a given scenario, although the speaker of any given speech balloon is never explicitly shown this format began on May 30, There are 89 compilations of Family Circus cartoons.

For a full list of book titles, see Family Circus collections.

click here In October , 20th Century Fox and Walden Media announced that they had acquired the film rights for a live-action feature film based on the Family Circus cartoon. An educational video game was released for home computers in Called Our House featuring the Family Circus a.

Now and Then , the game compares life in modern times to those when the parents, grandparents and other ancestors of the comic were young. The Family Circus has been widely satirized in film, television, and other daily comic strips. In an interview with The Washington Post , Keane said that he was flattered and believed that such parody " Some newspaper comic strips have devoted entire storylines using Family Circus characters. In , the surreal Zippy the Pinhead comic strip made multiple references to the Family Circus , including an extended series during which the titular character, a pinhead , sought "Th' Way" to enlightenment from Bil, Thel, Billy, and Jeffy.

Pastis, who had a close relationship with Bil and Jeff Keane, created numerous parodies of Family Circus "because it was an icon. The Dysfunctional Family Circus was a satire website which paired Keane's illustrations with user-submitted captions. Keane claimed to have found the site funny at first. However, disapproving feedback from his readership, coupled with the website's use of double entendre and vulgarity, prompted Keane to request that the site be discontinued.

It juxtaposes the innocent artwork of the comic with the often adult dialogue from the show to parody both media phenomena. The novel The Funnies , by J. Robert Lennon , centered around a dysfunctional family whose late patriarch drew a cartoon similar to The Family Circus. Lennon later said, although there was a "resemblance", he did not "know anything about Bil Keane and made up my characters from scratch. The cartoon has been the subject of gags on many television sit-coms including episodes of Pinky and the Brain , Mystery Science Theater , The Simpsons , Drawn Together , an episode of Family Guy " Dog Gone " [24] [25] and the movie Go film.

In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series, there is a comic the main character despises called L'il Cutie which shares similarities to Family Circus , including a child saying naively innocent things, the writer inspired by his child, and the son working on the comic as an adult. In one series of strips, Rat is captured by Family Circus fans after poking fun at the Family Circus.