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The importance of snakes: conservation and protection
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Get ready for decadence Monte Carlo style, and thrills, chills, and spy action that will pump you up for more books in this ongoing series. Spring is more like summer with Serpent Head , so picture yourself on a beach with this book in hand and lose yourself in a convoluted espionage plot that will whisk you away from reality for about 2 hours. In this installment, rogue agent Hadrian Black is sent to Geneva in an attempt to uncover the hidden players behind Red rum Industries, but trouble follows him when Red rum 's home-grown spies corner our hero in the field.

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Meanwhile Magenta, the newest recruit and the latest agent to be snatched right from the government's clutches and Red rum itself is dispatched to exquisite Monte Carlo, where she attempts to finagle intel from one of Red rum 's elite while immersing herself in the pampered Monaco lifestyle. According to Press, this is the sexiest Kill Factor entry so far, and it has to be with Magenta at the center of the story.

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We also meet a new sleeper with a standard Principate call sign and color code, Trajan Cobalt, and a lot is revealed in short order before all is said and done. So lose yourself in this latest Movie Book and let us know what you think! Check out Serpent Head here. View Printer Friendly Version.

Email Article to Friend. Home Page. Current Titles. Our Authors. The destroyed facility was the site for chip implantation of key Red rum operatives.

These chips were of a unique material that bonded to the recipient's brain tissue, making the chip work without issue with the mind. Through the chip, the agents were fed megabytes of data as well as the equivilent of years of training in whatever fields were necessary for the mission assigned. Whatever was needed to fill a role or perform a task was implanted. While this created extremely capable agents, it had a downside in that the operatives had a limited number of "upgrades", meaning that after eight to ten missions, the brain of the agent began to quickly breakdown.

Since a rogue agent with all the data inside his or her head possibly willing to spill the beans was something that worried Red rum , it programmed the chips to self-destruct after about ten missions. To Red rum 's dismay, Black had had nearly forty upgrades without side effects and without the chip shutting down.

Since he had now decided to rebel, he was a tremendous liability - a man with a genius off the charts and physical skills virtually unmatched. He is just one man but one incredible man with a desire to take down Red rum. How he fits in with the government's original plan, though, is up in the air. Set apparently a tad in the future, the books concerning Hadrian Black and his companions and their war against a particularly nasty Evil Corporation really feels like a fallback to the early 70's where conglomerates were the bad guys and their tentacles extended everywhere.

Throw in the science of computer-enhanced abilities and you are right at home. I had a lot of trouble with this series and did not make it very far before I decided to move on.


I wish I could say why better than it just was not my thing. I never got a feel for the main character. The sooner your pet is treated, the better their chances of survival. Do not put you or others at risk by attempting to identify the snake.

Individual species of snake can vary in colour and pattern considerably and are all but impossible to definitively identify other than by experienced snake handlers. Several factors will determine what sort of reaction your pet has to a snake bite.

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The type of snake some species of snake are more venomous than others , the amount of venom injected depends of the size and maturity of the snake and the site of the snake bite are all contributing factors. Dogs and cats are most often bitten around the head and limbs.


How a giant python swallowed an Indonesian woman - BBC News

At the beginning of summer, when snakes first emerge from hiberation, their venom glands tend to be fuller and their bites at this time are much more severe. The length of time since the snake last struck can also be a contributing factor. The signs of snake bite by a tiger or brown snake are varied. They may show some or all of the following signs:. Firstly your veterinarian will examine your pet, assess the clinical sign they are showing and determine the best course of action. Further diagnostic tests may be required to determine if your pet has actually been bitten and sometimes it is useful to identify the type of snake via a snake bite detection kit.

Veterinary treatment varies with each individual case, how severe the symptoms are and how rapidly the symptoms progress.

Mountain Goats!

Treatment usually consists of intravenous fluids and the administration of antivenom to neutralise the snake venom in the pet's body. Some patients require multiple vials of antivenom. Other supportive care may also be required - including oxygen supplementation and even breathing for the pet if they are not breathing well on their own. This needs to continue until the circulating antivenom has been neutralised and any bound venom has worn off.