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To help her pass the time, he allows Hannah grudging access to old family papers in the attic.

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Able to take short walks, Hannah is surprised to find a shy Afghan refugee nearby as a guest of a middle-aged couple, the Harrisons, who have an interest in the history and culture of the Middle East. Hila, a traumatized burn victim, was the only survivor in a murderous attack on her family.

The farm community seems a safe place for both kindred souls.

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Hila and Hannah form a mutual bond from their ordeals. As Hannah pores over the old records, another story emerges from the distant past, woven seamlessly into a nail-biting time-shifting duet. Maggie and Hamish Macgregor and their daughter had a peaceful life in the Mohawk Valley until the American Revolution set neighbour against neighbour. A constant stream of men passed through their house, and all the talk was about raising an army to fight the forces of the English King. As Hannah plummets into poverty, she guards with her life her only treasure, a pair of diamond earrings.

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Imagining a woman in the dank mist, she loses consciousness and hours pass before she is discovered. A murder in the neighbourhood has rocked the community, and she is suspect number one. Did a flashback made her perceive the victim as a threat? Canada prides itself on its multi-culturalism and tolerance, but for some, the gates have been opened too wide. Many ethnics born in Canada regard themselves as equal citizens, such as the Muslim neurologist who tries to help Hannah regain her confidence.

The placid and picturesque setting provides a contrasting backdrop for the horrors of modern wartime as well as the 18th century. Weapons may have changed, but torture, humiliation, and savagery will not disappear. The Loyalists paid a high price to find safe homes in Canada the same way that refugees now come here for a second chance at life. A master at characterization, Delany thrusts rapiers of golden dialogue to reveal and enhance complex motivations.

I opened my left eye, just a crack, and looked into her face. Pretty and concerned. She was all knees and elbows, bony chest, long thin legs, arms like sticks, luscious black lashes, and a perpetually laughing mouth. I thought she was incredibly beautiful. Pain, power, and redemption.

Although this novel appears to be a standalone, Hannah would make a strong and sensitive series character. First Sentence: They tell me it was an IED hidden I the truck full of goats going to market, pulled off to the side of the road with an apparent flat tire.

She is staying in the old home of her sister and her family whose neighbors are housing Hila, an Afghani woman also severely injured by the war with whom she develops a quiet friendship. When Hila is discovered murdered, Hannah must deal with her own recovery while trying to uncover the link between the death and the visions. She provides evocative descriptions of places and gives you an insight into the background of the protagonist.

She also establishes a wonderful sense of the creepy fairly early in the story which, unfortunately, becomes a bit lost along the way.

More Than Sorrow

I did appreciate the perspective of seeing the life of a Loyalist wife during the Revolutionary War. She provided a means by which we had a small view into the life of an Afghani woman and a perspective of Afghanistan and the involvement of the West, but I never had a sense of her as a person. Hannah is a well-drawn, fully dimensional character and reading about her dealing her injuries was one of the most interesting elements of the story. I truly showed the issues of those dealing with unseen injuries or ailments and the lack of understanding and resentments it can incite in others.

They felt to be stereotypes, one of which felt completely superfluous to the plot. I identified one of the villains way too early while others seemed rather over-the-top; not so much due to their actions but more due to the dialogue which seemed forced.

It kept me interested all the way through and I did enjoy it. Jul 15, Mary Miley rated it really liked it. Showing "the other side" of the American Revolution is always intriguing--Americans usually forget or never knew that about a third of the colonists were Loyalists loyal to the King , one third were patriots wanting independence, and one third who couldn't care less. After independence, Loyalists were hounded, killed, and driven into relative safety of Canada.

The parallels between the Loyalist woman fleeing persecution and an Afghan woman who befriends the reporter who is fleeing similar persecution are deliberate.

Fantasy and Magic in the Bronze Age

I picked out one Bad Guy very quickly, but the other had me fooled. Oct 18, Violette Malan rated it really liked it. Vicki Delany is one of my favourite crime writers. She's one of the few people whose stand-alone books I enjoy just as much as her series Constable Molly Smith. A brilliant example of a modern gothic thriller, More than Sorrow hits all the right notes. Jan 18, Eric Wright rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , own. A well written mystery that combines views of life in Prince Edward County, organic farming, a recovering journalist with a serious head injury, a disfigured Afghan woman and the strains in the marriage of her sister where she stays to recover.

Good story. The brain damage doesn't allow her to be in strong light, read print and gives her hallucinations - or at least she think that they are. She needs someone around her at all times, so she is staying with her sister Joanne and her family on a small farm on Prince Edward Island for the fresh air and rural quiet and natural surroundings. She becomes acquainted with a young lady staying on a neighboring farm and then Hila disappears. The farm is overrun with policemen and they interfere with the work that needs to be done and everyone is interrogated over and over.

Brother in law Jake resents a non working mouth to feed, but niece Lily is firmly in her corner and loves to ride with her aunt Hannah. High suspense with some unexpected twists, a touch of the occult and a totally unexpected villain. Dec 31, Kayrenm rated it liked it. Quick read about a location I love Price Edward County and some information about the Loyalists which I don't know a lot about. The plot was a little choppy and ending perhaps obvious, but worth the read.

Nov 01, aprilla rated it liked it. Sep 19, Mare rated it liked it. Well written, but a tough story to read. What a great story, intertwined with a haunted woman, with a haunted past in a haunted family farm. I can't wait for more! Sep 25, Tina rated it really liked it.

More Than Sorrow - Poisoned Pen Press

Do not start reading this book unless you can stay up all night to finish it! Once you begin, everything else will be put on hold. I originally asked for a review copy because I am a fan of Vicki Delany, and I thought this was going to be another of her Constable Molly Smith novels. So I was only momentarily disappointed to find it was a stand alone. And believe me, the disappointment quickly turned to fascination, involvement, immersion, and absolute awe. It is always uplifting to see aut Do not start reading this book unless you can stay up all night to finish it!

It is always uplifting to see authors who are able to branch out from established series to try new characters, settings, and plots. Delany doesn't disappoint. Ostensibly a murder mystery, this book is so much more. It is a multi-layered, multi-genre, multi-facted story that appears to set up quickly, but then slowly and inexorably pulls the reader into the deeper layers of the story.