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  4. Ollalieberry Pie: The Quintessential Californian Dessert
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Carmel is the perfect place to revel in gift shopping, as here are an abundance of lovely and luxurious wares on display. After a walk on astoundingly beautiful Carmel Beach or shopping on our main street, lined with gloriously lit trees, what could be better than cozying up inside with a comforting bowl of soup?

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  3. French Apple Cake - David Lebovitz.

Our award winning soups are always made with love and care. Try our Signature Clam Chowders. Along with beer, BBQ and burgers, apple pie is about as American as it gets. Or is it?

Apples are said to have originated in Kazakhstan, where after the entrepreneurial Romans engineered it to become a sweeter apple at least sweeter than the very sour crap-apples available in Northern America. They later brought them to England along with bath tubs and plumbing. Ultimately, it was the colonists who introduced these crispy and sweet-sour apples to the US. The British colonists also brought with them the concept of the apple pie, and maybe a couple of recipes. But with time and through generations, Americans made those recipes all their own. We know for sure that Russian immigrants brought with them the wheat variety that we now use for making wheat flour.

There are many different varieties of Apple Pie seen in the United States today. Oh, and by the way! This blissful combination is exactly what we all want and expect.

Alex’s Antics

How about doing something different for Thanksgiving this year? Thanksgiving is a holiday all about family, friends and sharing food. To stimulate the appetite you could all share a number of different starters. Everybody can agree that the main Thanksgiving entree should be hearty and satisfying. Served with Wild Porcini Mushrooms in a Sherry Cream Sauce on a plentiful gathering of Heirloom Potatoes and Veggies, this succulent seafood dish promises to make your tummy thankful!

At this point in the dinner we hope you have saved room for the desert, because Thanksgiving is not complete without a fall-inspired, rich traditional desert. Feel free to call us to reserve a table for your Thanksgiving celebration! We dare you! Rudy Melone yep, he was Italian , decided that the community ought to stop being embarrassed about their garlic heritage and instead start embracing it. The local farmers of Gilroy have never looked back, as the mighty garlic has since been celebrated every year in Gilroy, CA. The festival is now one of the largest food events in the United States.

Our chefs love to implement garlic in a variety of dishes. This small, opalescent white, bulbous onion is what the popular condiment Aioli is made of and which goes so perfectly well with a lot of seafood dishes.

Pecan Pie, Cigars, and the One and Only Secret to Happiness

Garlic Butter on bread is an all time favorite. On our menu we offer BBQ Oysters, which consists of 4 large and freshly shucked oysters. Simple, but oh so satisfying.

Dayton Dining

Did you know that an oyster can filter up to 1. These are just a few examples from our oyster menu. They originate from Japan, hence the name, and were first shipped to the United States in Kumamotos are usually quite small and have a mild, light brine. The meats are firm and have a luscious, sweet flavor with a melon-like aftertaste.

These oysters have beautiful, deep cupped, highly sculpted shells. They are often larger than other types of oysters. They have a bold character and a clean and crisp quality. The meat is firm and the flavor has light cucumber notes. Hamas are versatile; great for eating on the half-shell, grilling or in chowder. Mild in taste it is brought from the east coast, namely the waters around Long Island Sound and Connecticut , which gives it a unique blend of salt and fresh water.

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The meat is plump and it has a fair size. Always great on the half shell! But, sometimes the simple dishes are are the hardest to pull off. A less desirable fish and chips serving can be a soggy mess if not prepared properly. You have the option of cod, haddock, halibut, flounder or tilapia.

The fish is only dipped in the batter at the last moment before plunging it into the hot frying oil, as this way you achieve the sought after, delisciously crispy snap to the batter. The chips should be crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. So how did this wonder of a dish come about? Originally Fish and Chips was, and still is, a quintessential British dish, arguably more iconic to England than the Queen or The Beatles! Fish and chips is a staple in the English diet and it has gained fans all over the world, especially in coastal towns.

But, it was actually the French who invented the Potato chip.

Ocean-To-Table: Freshness Is King At Flaherty’s

And fried fish is believed to have been introduced in London by Jewish immigrants from Portugal and Spain. So sometime, way back, within some few hundred years, the British created their own version of the much loved potato chip and combined it with fried fish, and ta-dah! The answer is that fish and chips are in fact valuable sources of protein, fibre, iron and vitamins, providing a third of the recommended daily amount of vitamins.

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Once a working class dish, looked down upon by food critics, it is now fully appreciated as a nutritious dish and has a place in even the best gourmet restaurants. Come try our Fish and Chips and taste for yourself. Here are two words you might not have heard mentioned in the same sentence: Artichokes and Marilyn Monroe!

Ollalieberry Pie: The Quintessential Californian Dessert

Next year, , will be the 60th Castroville Artichoke Festival! Castroville, also known as the Artichoke Capital of the World , is a 20 minute drive from Carmel-by-the-Sea. The creativity is endless. You can find artichokes prepared in all kinds of ways; marinated, pickled, artichoke burritos, sausage, and artichoke cupcakes!

Christy Marie (christymkent) on Pinterest

This fun event also includes a parade with live music, an agro art competition for three-dimensional fruit and veggie artwork, wine tasting and even a classic car show. The Castroville Artichoke Festival is sponsored by the local artichoke farmers whose mission is to boost awareness about how the artichoke industry has influenced the history of Monterey County and to raise money for the local communities and non-profit charities of Castroville, CA.

When it comes to looks, as well as taste, the Artichoke really has it all. It is a beautiful and unusual looking plant, much like a large green flower. Wait, it actually IS a flower! What more can you ask for? There are many ways of preparing artichokes, but our chef has found that frying the artichoke just the right way, enhances the texture and flavor and gives it an even more distinct and intensified taste, with a hint of the smoky.

Wonderfully satisfying. Go knock yourself out with Artichoke goodness galore!