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We use a leash to walk our pet dogs.

Short Leash

The leash keeps the dog from running away or getting into trouble. Keeping a person on a short leash means keeping him or her under close control. The person cannot make many decisions for himself or herself. Word expert James Rogers found a similiar saying used more than four hundred years ago.

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In fifteen sixty, writer Thomas Becon said in a religious book: "For God hath them in leash. Yea, they are his slaves. Miz Cleveland does not keep her workers on a short leash.

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Instead, she urges them to create better ways to do business. For example, her secretary proposed an idea. She said the company should give a prize to the best student in the high school near its factory. The winner could use the prize money to study at a university.

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Miz Cleveland approved of the idea. After the prize was announced, people who lived in the area of the factory began to buy more of the company's candy.

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Local newspapers wrote about the competition. Business improved. Miz Cleveland made her secretary the company's first director of public relations.

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The former secretary was very pleased. She said: "My old job had become Mickey Mouse.

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Now I have a much more creative one. Mickey Mouse, of course, is Walt Disney's famous animal drawn for movies, television and comic picture books. But what does a mouse have to do with a job? In modern speech, anything that is Mickey Mouse is unimportant.

Many word experts say the new meaning came from the United States Navy. The Navy had a special school for new sailors who did not co-operate.

Short Leash -Playtime 2.0

Sailors began to say that rules which did not seem important were MIC. If you keep someone on a short lease, you restrict them and control what they do. On a tight leash is also used. They're perfect to use offline for reference or for use in class!

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