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  1. Swine Not?: A Novel Pig Tale
  2. Swine Not?: A Novel Pig Tale
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The sun was just beginning to light the sky to the east, and there was barely a whisper of breeze on the bay. I could hear the water, pushed by incoming tide, the moment, it suddenly happened.

Swine Not?: A Novel Pig Tale

The stars had come through again. Naming, and especially renaming, a boat is a very serious and superstitious undertaking. It would be like renaming your child. Somewhere back in the mythology of mariners, it was decreed that if you acquired a boat that had already been christened, you could rename it only once, and the moment to do that was immediately after you sailed her for the first time. If you did it any time after that moment, it was very bad luck, and nobody wants to sail on a bad-luck boat.

When I bought High Cotton, she had come with an incredible pedigree, having been designed by Nathanael Herreshoff as a Buzzards Bay 25 and having been built at the legendary Brooklin Boatyard in Maine by Joel White, master boat builder and son of E. In her first year, she had made herself an instant reputation as one of the fastest and most beautiful boats in New England, and had won prestigious races from Newport to Nantucket, but I had not bought her to race.

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All I was looking for in High Cotton was a beautiful single-handed boat that I could spend time in alone on the water. With all the other things that I find myself doing, I still just like being a sailor best, and sailing a boat alone is what a good sailor can do.

Swine Not?: A Novel Pig Tale

It had captured my attention and gotten me thinking that there was more to the story. That is the way I felt about my little boat. I called her later that morning and asked what she thought of my ideas. She laughed, and in the spirit of good fun, she let me loose; I was off and running to my imaginary shipyard. I headed to the office, reread the manuscript, and started thinking about who and what I could add to the pig tale.

My plan for the story was not to change course but to add some interesting stops on the journey. I was sailing into uncharted waters as far as pets were concerned. The only pets I have ever owned were dogs. I take that back.

I did own a parrot for one day, but I returned it to the pet store after the parrot made it very clear to me and my valuable thumb and forefinger on my left hand that it did not desire to be part of my life. I knew nothing at all about pigs as pets. I was about to find out plenty, and now so are you.

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I can tell you that even though writing is a gift, it is not one that comes with a set of instructions or an autopilot. You wonder why a lot of writers go crazy, drink themselves to death, or become recluses? Because it is hard work! I know. I could never have guessed that this little piggy would end up taking more than two years to write, but I should have known from my experience with real voyages.

As I said before, sometimes you look for the story, and sometimes it comes to you. In my case, the question was this: How did a pound pet pig manage to live undetected in a four-star hotel in New York up until this very moment? And what was a pig like me doing, shivering on the ledge of the hotel roof, twenty-five stories above Fifth Avenue? The ice beneath my feet gave no quarter. The wind howled and swirled above my head. I had no idea where it was coming from, and I did not dare look down.

— Swine Not? A Novel Pig Tale | i don't even own a television

The skyline of Manhattan was at eye level and bobbing like an apple in a tub. The trees of Central Park bent and swayed in a fierce wind. The noise from the busy avenue below me would block out any attempt I made to squeal for help. I did not sign up for this kind of trip. Pets rarely do.

Reading 'A Pirate Looks at Fifty' is like sitting with Buffett at a beachside bar, listening to him spin tales and share nifty bits of geography and history' - Time 'Buffett takes the occasion of his 50th birthday to tell us about himself, and he does so with candour and modesty Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Little, Brown and Company, Condition: New. Seller Inventory ZZN.

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