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  1. Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul
  3. Akashic Records 101: Can We Access Our Akashic Records?

Akemi is no longer taking clients. Honestly, in the month or so after having our records read, it felt like our lives fell apart all at once. Whole sections of our families disowned us with seemingly no provocation. My biggest client very nicely fired me for no real reason. Another company I was doing work for went out of business, totally unexpectedly. My blog — which is my livelihood — came under major public attack.

Open Your Akashic Record and Discover the Gifts of Your Soul

It was unbelievable. The crap really hit the fan. In the context of the things that Akemi and I talked about, it all made sense.

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All of those relationships that were toxic and draining — gone. My life is so much clearer. Fast-forward nine years to when I had my reading with you. I was in a job where I was so miserable and I knew that I was not reaching my full potential as a human being. In the Akashic Record Reading in Nov.


I started to have anxiety, digestive issues, and insomnia as a result. After coming very close to being in a terrible car accident in Dec.

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  • I took Jan. I felt I just needed a full house cleaning starting with every cell of my body to my physical space, job….. In May 09 I started a new job that was way less stressful with a fantastic boss and a 4 day workweek that involved work that I actually enjoyed. Was it my dream job, I would say No, but it was a significant improvement over my previous situation.

    I finished my contract, and am taking time off Sept. Not a coincidence that a few months back I met the love of my life on a River on a warm sunny day…. We are both astounded to have found each other and a love so deep and profound that we are truly awe struck.

    We speak of starting a family together, an idea that was once stuffed into a little box and buried somewhere very deep after my seperation and divorce 4 years ago. I would like for people to know that life is so meant to be happy and joy filled, we are not here to suffer. We are here to experience only wonder, abundance, and joy.

    I used to get astrology transit readings annually around that time, but have not done that in awhile. However, it was very different. She focused in on one past life, and a particular energetic problem that had been created in that life, and on how to clear it. I actually had been aware of a certain residual energy like the one she described in my awareness for some time, and was unsure how to release it.

    She also mentioned specific physical issues that I had not told her about as being related to this, and sure enough, after doing the clearing exercises, these problems disappeared! What if your problems were serving your purpose? Furthermore, Cayce was channelling several interesting information regarding astrology.

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    He explained how astrology could be used as a tool to gain self-understanding, and his view was that its goal was for us to gain soul growth from understanding the use and direction of our free will in expressing our drives, goals, and energies. He saw astrology as a way for us to see that we are an integral part of the ecosystem within our solar system. Cayce consistently reiterated that we control our own destiny because of free will.

    Another great name related to the study of Akashic Records is that of Rudolph Steiner, that in the Gosperl of Saint John said:' Everything that happens in the physical sense-world has its counterpart in the spiritual world. Whereas the ocular, sensible impression of the hand passes away, its spiritual counterpart remains engraved in the spiritual world and unfailingly leaves a trace there. So that, when our spiritual eyes are opened, we can follow the traces and find the spiritual counterpart of everything that has happened in the world. Nothing can happen in the world without leaving such traces.

    Let us suppose the spiritual investigator lets his gaze wander back to the days of Charlemagne, or to Roman times, or to ancient Greece. Everything that happened in those times is preserved in the trace left by its spiritual prototype, and can be observed in the spiritual world.

    Akashic Records 101: Can We Access Our Akashic Records?

    Professor Ervin Laszlo, an eminent physicist, is one of the greatest contemporary scholars of Akashic records, and he introduced a new perspective, emerging from findings at the cutting edge of physics. Rather than view the things we experience as real and the space that embeds them as empty and passive, in the Akasha concept he sees the space that is real, while the things embedded in that space are secondary.

    Essentially, he claims that Akasha embraces, and then transcends, the old paradigms of religion as well as the paradigms of modern science providing insights into values like harmony and truth, and life-sustaining implications for humankind. Edgar Cayce's readings suggest that we all write the story of our lives through our thoughts, our actions, and our interaction with the rest of Creation.

    This information has an effect on us here and now. Probably, there are many more things in our lives, in our history, and in our individual influence than we have ever had the courage to imagine. Having access to the Akashic Records can give some of these information. Do you wanna take a look? Once you submit, please check your email to confirm you would like to be included on our newsletter list.

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