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The author is the queen of descriptions. Her details are elaborate, and very satisfying. She misses nothing — accents, superstitions, ramblings, vendetta, undertones. Its name is gundruk. It is made of green leaves called as saag. First we have to beat the saag. Then we put it in a tin and press it very hardly. Then we remain it just like that for few weeks. In that time it rottens and gets sour taste. Nepalis, even more so. In this and many other ways, Shradha has been honest to Nepali life and its peculiarities, presenting them exactly as they occur.

In unpretentious but rich prose, the novel also attempts to dissect caste issues, hierarchies, injustices and ingrained discrimination and prejudices. There is a danger of non-Nepali readers being unable to connect to minute nuances and undertones. But Shradha has mentioned in her interviews that this was a conscious choice — to be true to the representations of her community, her experiences and observations.

And in this, she has succeeded. The locales in her novel, whether the rough hills or dusty Kathmandu, have been painted with their exact colours. Her characters, chosen from an array of backgrounds and personalities that do not often occupy centrestage in Nepali literature, are living, breathing creatures. A host of Nepalis have experienced every scenario and incident she mentions.

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The splendidly arranged novel is let down by its ending. As readers become more and more involved with the shy Sumnima, they look forward to closure that is as gripping as the opening. But the novel ebbs and fizzles down to… what? Certainly not the glorious coming-of-age climax that the story entices us towards. Readers of other nationalities are likely to resent the lack of translations of Nepali and sometimes other languages words strewn throughout. Readers intimate with Nepal, meanwhile, will be left befuddled by the fragmented representation of the socio-political happenings Shradha has worked to incorporate.

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While the novel makes a big deal of it being set against the civil war, there are no more than stilted passing references. There is a lot of love spilling over for the land, and an equal amount of dissatisfaction, mild anger even, that is articulately expressed. It is reminiscent of a soothing novel, Fragile Mountains, by M. More importantly, it reminds us why diversity is so important in literature and the arts.

Shradha brings a unique tone and shade to Nepali writing in English that is a pleasure to delve into. The Wayward Daughter is recommended for an exploration of Nepal over the past few decades through the eyes of a perceptive and skillful writer. The story is simple, straightforward, one most Nepalis have heard, seen and maybe experienced. A family descending from the hills, struggling to find a foothold in Kathmandu.

I was hooked to anecdotes about her grandparents, parents and myriad relatives. She misses nothing - accents, superstitions, ramblings, vendetta, undertones.

The Wayward Daughter’s Official #LeaveItIn List – The Wayward Daughter

Her great strength is presenting Nepali life exactly as it occurs. In simple but rich prose, the novel also tackles caste issues, hierarchies, injustices and ingrained discrimination and prejudices. I was rather disappointed with the ending, because I was involved with the narrative and expected something far more interesting might only be me. A wonderfully intertwined story unravelling to I was also discomfited by constant and repetitive portrayals of stereotypical elements of class, caste, profession - because this is a novel, not a political statement.

Also, the novel needs editing to shine in the international book market. One of the very few relatable bildungsroman we have. Mar 12, Sabita Bhattarai rated it liked it. Totally nostalgic. Takes you to your childhood. Also the book gives you so typical middle class nepali household feels. Very apt when it explains the kind of people and the nature we meet in our society and shamelessly I'd say I loved the "gaalis" the grandmother gives in entire book. But the thing that made me give just 3 stars is I expected a lot from the book apart from the love story angle of protagonist.

Jan 22, Joe rated it liked it. This is a great story and the author does a great job of developing a few interesting characters.

La Fille mal gardée (The Wayward Daughter)

Her ability to capture certain aspects of Nepalese society and articulate it into the pages of the book added to the story. Jun 01, Aashruti K. A simple ktm family story. Loved Boju and felt connected to Sumnima A simple ktm family story. Dec 31, Anushree Bhattarai rated it really liked it. My first ever book by a Nepali author. And the minute i heard of it, has been the most coveted book. A book that i could relate to. It shows that women have always been suppressed in the society.

The foul tongued grand mother is probably the strongest character in the book. The naive Sumnima trying to fit in the circle of her high class friends. Sagar, the obnoxious one of the male doninated society. It is a great read and i would recommend you read it once.

THE WAYWARD DAUGHTER: A promising debut

I know i wanted more and did not want the book to finish. May 04, Anton Relin rated it it was amazing. An incredibly intimate look into upper middle class life in Nepal. A surprising page turner. View 2 comments. Dec 23, Heema Rai rated it it was amazing. On second thought, I will give this a 5-star rating instead of 4, because how often can one read an English book by a Nepali writer which is so immersive and compelling. Finished in one sitting while flashing back to my own childhood Nov 16, Sanjana rated it really liked it. Finally a book by a Nepali author, I could relate to. View 1 comment.

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Feb 19, Skz rated it it was amazing Shelves: for-nepal. A real treat. The story is lucid. The narration flows throughout the book with ease and purpose. As a reader , I would confirm that The Wayward Daughter is one of the best literary works of the new generation Nepali writers, in the past few years.

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View all 3 comments. Sep 14, Camilla Corona rated it it was amazing. A brilliant portrayal of modern Kathmandu and an upwardly mobile family who made it from the village to Kathmandu. It demonstrates the temptations and dangers faced by young girls who have so many opportunities but don't listen to their parents who are themselves distracted with jobs and juggling visiting relatives.

The nuance of caste is well explained as only a Nepali writer can do. A must read for all those visiting or interested in Nepal. Mar 24, Shreya Joshi rated it really liked it Shelves: reads. The Wayward Daughter s :. Apr 26, Rakshya Nepal rated it really liked it. The wayward daughter is a well written book that has very interesting characters and gives you a good taste of typical middle class family in Kathmandu city. Book that reminisced my childhood and esp my school days.

It's a absorbing, light and relatable book to most of us.

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I liked it so much that I am going to read it again and will hopefully write a full review. Believe me, his real story is 10 times more interes Believe me, his real story is 10 times more interesting than this fictionalised account suggests. Post Comments Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. More from The Editors The future of democracy in the Maldives. Anti-terror law after the Easter attacks.

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